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Crazy Time symbolWhen we think of casino games, we usually think of slots or card games like blackjack and poker. That said, a new genre of titles has slowly began making its way among live casino dealers. Evolution Gaming has introduced lucky wheels with their Dream Catcher title a few years ago. Using it as a baseline, they launched one of their most ambitious game show releases yet! Today, we will take a deep dive into the Crazy Time casino game and give you a detailed guide on this game. How to play it, what to expect, and how the special features work! Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Crazy Time Slot Features

How to Win

You have a brief period at the start of every round during which you can place your bets. You can stake on eight possible options: four numbers, and four special features. You need to bet on an option in order to win it if it comes up on the wheel. We suggest playing one or two numbers, and then placing smaller bets on the four available bonus bets.

As your betting time ends, the host moves to the side of the wheel and starts to spin it. After a few spins, they move away, letting the wheel slowly come to a stop. The arrow above the wheel determines what will be drawn! The wheel has 54 segments, with some options appearing more frequently than others do. If the wheel lands on a number you bet on, you win the corresponding prize. All numbers pay their face value, meaning 1 is worth 1x, 5 is worth 5x, etc.

Crazy Time wheel

Crazy Time Extra Features

The core gameplay of Crazy Time casino slot is quite simple. What makes this game interesting are the various bonuses you have available! The first one has a chance of activating with each round. While the wheel is spinning, a screen above it can award a multiplier to one of the eight bets. The increased payout applies to both number bets and the final reward of the other four special features.

Cash Hunt is played in front of a wall with 108 random multipliers. These multipliers will be briefly displayed, and are then hidden and shuffled around. Players then click or tap a position on the wall, which will display a multiplier after the timer ends. Said multiplier will be your prize for that round! If you do not make a decision yourself, a position will be chosen for you randomly.

Crazy Time bet

Pachinko is on a purple multiplier wall. There are sixteen multipliers you can score, which appear at the bottom of the screen. The host will climb up to the top of the screen, and release a puck. The puck falls down, hitting obstacles on the way until it reaches the bottom. The multiplier it lands on is the cash prize you win. It can also land on a Double position, which leads to another round of Pachinko with all prizes doubled! Double can be won multiple times in a row.


Coin Flip is the simplest of the four bonuses. The game randomly assigns a multiplier value to the red and blue side of the coin. Pick the colour you think will win, and cross your fingers. A machine will toss the coin in the air, and the face-up colour after it lands is what you win.

The last bonus is called Crazy Time. You are taken to a separate area with a gigantic 64-segment wheel! It does not have one, but three different flappers, and sizeable cash prizes. Each flapper has a different colour. Pick one of them, and cross your fingers! The number that your flapper lands on will be the prize you win. Flappers can also land on double or triple segments of the wheel. If this happens, players who picked the relevant flapper get to spin again with increased payouts. Double and triple segments can be won multiple times.

Crazy Time choices

Crazy Time Casinos

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If you enjoy bonuses, then you will have a blast playing this Evolution Gaming release. Each wheel spin offers a brand new adventure to the player. Most of the time, we get a small cash prize. However, every now and then a randomly awarded multiplier or special feature grants a big jackpot! The biggest prize you can win in all four bonuses is up to £500,000.00. To get that kind of win, you need all the stars to align perfectly. Given how fun Crazy Time is, however, we do not mind waiting one bit! Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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