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Deal or No Deal Live symbolEvolution Gaming has always been at the forefront of live casino games. This is why it has been at the forefront of innovative new titles! All the action in Deal or No Deal Live takes place in a special studio designed specifically for this game. The room is full of cool neon lights, which swap in colours as the round progresses! The hosts do a great job of keeping the round interesting; provided you qualify! Otherwise, you will be staring at the gold and silver wheel, spinning with the hopes of participating in the main round. Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Deal or No Deal Live Slot Features                  

How it Works

You cannot jump straight into the live dealer action in Deal or No Deal Live. Instead, you will have to spin the wheel during a qualification period. The goal of spinning the wheel is to get three segments to line up in the top part of a circle. You have to pay a wager for each spin, with no guarantee that you will qualify. Once you lock in all three segments, the qualification process ends.


If you qualify before the timer runs out, you will have some extra time on the wheel. Here, you will be able to top up the briefcases you will later be drawing. Click on the case you want to put money in, choose your stake amount and spin the wheel! The value it lands on is the value added in your chosen briefcase.

Deal or No Deal Live game screen

After the timer expires, the main round begins! The host will talk while the assistant opens briefcases, revealing numbers within. These numbers give you an average value of said briefcases, which is used by the dealer. They will make their first offer, based on the value of the opened briefcases and the remaining unopened briefcases. If a big win still awaits later down the line, the host may offer you more than the average.

This continues into the round as additional briefcases are opened and eliminated. Finally, the dealer will make his final offer when the last two briefcases remain. You can choose to swap the cases or take the deal. Either way, the case you picked will grant you the prize within, assuming you did not take any of the previous deals.

Deal or No Deal Live game bets

Deal or No Deal Live Extra Features

In order to make qualifying for each round happen more frequently, the software provider added two modes. Easy Mode and Very Easy Mode lock one or two of the qualifying sections in automatically. This makes it easier to qualify, but comes with an increased cost. For Easy mode, you have to pay 3x extra per spin, while Very Easy mode is 9x extra per spin.

Deal or No Deal Live game win


Once you qualify and enter the main round, Deal or No Deal Live is a great title. It is able to keep tension high as you are constantly weighting your options. That said, it feels awful when you spent so much money spinning, and failed to qualify due to RNG. The existence of the extra feature makes it clear the software provider is aware of this. If they make it a touch easier to qualify, we could see ourselves playing this release a lot more. As it stands right now, it is an occasional pastime. Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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