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Evolution Live Super Sic Bo symbolWe love roulette, blackjack and baccarat, but sometimes we want something else to play. The great thing about casino games is the number of options you get! Between online slots and more popular titles, there are a few fun but less popular releases worth checking out. One of them is Super Sic Bo, Evolution Gaming’s version of a popular dice game from Asian casinos. Similar to Lightning Roulette, the developers spiced it up with a proven formula.

Take a popular title, and add multipliers to it to make it even more exciting! Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

Evolution Live Super Sic Bo Game Features

How it Works

Like many other casino games, the round begins with a betting period. Players can choose one of the available coins, and can then place them on one of the positions on the betting board. Each position counts as a separate bet; there are no joint wagers like in roulette. Bets are limited with a timer. Make sure to complete your bets before the timer runs out. Any stakes on the playing field when the betting timer runs out will be processed and player.

Evolution Live Super Sic Bo game screen


At this point, the dice will be rolled within a machine. The dealer does not touch the dice at any point; instead, all the action takes place underneath a glass dome. There are three six-sided dice within the dome. The dice shaker will cause the dice to skip around for a few seconds. Then, the machine stops, and the dice land to reveal their final position. The number each die shows becomes the result for the current round.

For punters who have never played any type of Sic Bo, the betting board can seem intimidating. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to understand. Let us tackle the simpler bets first. The simplest wagers possible are Small/Big, Odd/Even and the Total bets.

Small/Big is betting on the total of the three drawn dice. Small will pay if your total is between four to ten, while big pays if your total is between eleven and seventeen. Both bets will pay 1:1 if won.

Evolution Live Super Sic Bo live dealer


We have something similar with Odd/Even. You are betting whether the three dice total will be Odd or Even. In both cases, the payout is 1:1

Total bets grants a reward if you correctly predict the total sum of the three dice after they finish being rolled. The payouts are different depending on how likely the sum is to occur. We have the breakdown below.

  • 4 or 17 pays 50:1, up to 499:1
  • 5 or 16 pays 20:1, up to 249:1
  • 6 or 15 pays 15:1, up to 87:1
  • 7 or 14 pays 12:1, up to 29:1
  • 8 or 13 pays 8:1, up to 24:1
  • 9 or 12 pays 6:1, up to 49:1
  • 10 or 11 pays 6:1, up to 24:1

Single bets are the six bets at the very bottom of the board, marked ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX. If one or more dice display this number, you win. The more dice show your chosen number, the better the reward will be.

  • Single pays 1:1
  • Double pays 2:1, up to 19:1
  • Triple pays 3:1, up to 87:1

Double bets are placed on the six Double labelled betting areas. Two of the three dice have to show the same number for a win to be awarded. It pays 8:1 when won, and can be increased up to 87:1.

You can play two types of Triple bets. Any Triple is a bet that will grant a payout if all three dice show the same number. It pays 30:1, and can be increased up to 87:1. You can also bet on a specific triple combination appearing. Correctly guessing that is a 150:1 payout, that can be increased to 999:1.

Evolution Live Super Sic Bo dice


Finally, we have two-dice combination bets. These pay money if two of the three rolled dice display the numbers you wagered on simultaneously. The reward is 5:1 standard, and can be increased to 24:1.

Evolution Live Super Sic Bo Extra Features

There is only one special feature in Super Sic Bo, and that are the randomly awarded multipliers. Some bets can be multiplied, while others cannot. How much they can be increased is also different depending on the bet, which we have listed in the previous section.


Evolution Gaming has not done much to change the Sic Bo formula. They kept the same fun gameplay, while also adding multipliers that can randomly boost the payout. It feels like a much smoother experience compared to Lightning Roulette. This is a fun title that is not nearly as complicated as it may first seem. If you fancy an opportunity to win £250,000.00, then Super Sic Bo is a game you have to try or check our list of slot sites should you feel in the mood for some online slots fun!

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