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MONOPOLY Live Game symbolIs there anyone who has not heard of Monopoly? The board game has captured the hearts and minds of many. It is easily one of the most recognisable brands out there. As such, software providers seek to create casino games based around the famed man in the top hat. Other slots and titles have come close to emulating it. However, none have managed to pull it off quite as well as Evolution Gaming in MONOPOLY Live. Join us for a deep dive of this impressive live casino release, where we uncover all the important details! Now let’s delve deeper into this new Labslots review.

MONOPOLY Live Slot Features                        

How it Works

You start every round with a betting period. This lasts for a few seconds, allowing players to place money on six betting options. Said options include four number bets, and two special feature bets. In order to get a prize from a segment being drawn, you need to have wagered on that bet. We suggest playing one or two numbers, as well as both special features. That way, you can score decent wins while chasing after the sizeable jackpots in the two bonuses.


How is the winning number decided? The host spins a 54-segment lucky wheel, which is marked with numbers and special features. The less valuable a segment is, the more frequently it appears on the wheel. A large flipper sits at the very top of the wheel, and remains in a fixed position as the wheel spins. If the flipper lands on a number, that numbers payout will be granted. All numbers pay their face value, meaning drawing a one will pay 1x, two will pay 2x, and so on.

MONOPOLY Live Game wheel

MONOPOLY Live Extra Features

Players technically have three bonus positions on the wheel. However, two of them are the same special feature; one just gives you more rolls during the bonus!

The more common special feature are Chance segments, and they do not require you to wager any money to win. If your flipper lands on Chance, you draw a card that grants either a cash prize or a multiplier. If you win the cash prize, your bonus ends there. If you draw a multiplier, the wheel is spun again with all previous bets remaining in place. The multiplier will increase the following drawn number’s payout. If you draw another chance multiplier, the two multipliers will be multiplied!

MONOPOLY Live Game features

In order to gain access to MONOPOLY Live’s bonus game, you need to have bet on 2 rolls, 4 rolls, or both. If the wheel stops on one of those two bets, the special feature starts. We are transported to a virtual, 3D monopoly board. Mr Monopoly will walk around, and how far he moves is decide by a pair of dice. The dice are rolled using a machine, in order to keep things fair. You get two or four rolls, depending on which bonus segment activated the special feature.

All properties, utilities, railways and free parking spaces in the bonus game have a basic prize attached. Some properties will have hotels and houses built on them, increasing their payouts. What positions the hotels and houses are placed on is random. If you land on a Chance or Community Chest position, you can either win a prize or receive a fee. Landing on Income Tax and Supertax reduces your winnings by 10% or 20%.

MONOPOLY Live Game win

If you roll a double with your pair of dice (two matching numbers), you get a free spin. That said, this is not the case if you land on the Go to Jail position. In that case, you need to roll a double in order to escape prison. Once you finish playing all of your dice rolls, the special feature ends. You receive the rewards you have earned, and are taken back to the main game once more.


While not perfect, MONOPOLY Live is one of the best recreations of the board game we have seen and is a fine addition to our list of the best Monopoly slots. Other software providers like Slingo and Big Time Gaming came close. The lovely mix of Dream Catcher elements combined with the virtual board game make this release awesome! Given the winning potential of MONOPOLY Live, you might think special features are rare. However, we find them to appear quite frequently! You will have plenty of chances to try to score that big £500,000.00 jackpot, if you try Evolution Gaming’s title. Check out our list of slot sites to see where you can try it out!

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